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The Traffic Infras Tech Expo 2019

The Traffic Infras Tech Expo 2019


Venue : Mumbai Convention Centre, Maharashtra

Contact Info :Manju(AdminHead)-, Nish(Asst Manager)-

City :Mumbai

Country :India

After on-going respiratory crisis of Delhi with the Odd-Even in play restricting fewer vehicles movement of capital’s road, a much needed solution was needed to enlighten the current pollution havoc, at least in India now. The Traffic Infratech Expo 2019 is just what India needed.

The upcoming life saver, Traffic InfraTech Expo, scheduled to be held in Bombay Convention Centre, highlights the traffic solution, a major framework on which the auto cars and other two-wheelers runs. In the event, where the periodicity of Traffic logs is more, the emission rate goes up at a very high rate including noise-pollution. Once, the Traffic frame work can be handled, the latter will be easily channelized, may be there won’t be the need of Odd-Even policy in play, as the office commuters are facing great issue regarding the options given by the Kejri Government.

The base solution to cater the present pollution crisis, is to update the concept of the high speed roads, Smart mobility, infrastructures.  With the ongoing process of e-Revolution, automobile sectors are,”as busy as ants” to be BS6 compliant and engineer electric utility vehicles and/ or Hybrid option in vehicles. The un-spoken and the parallel layer to every revolution and evolution are often un-seen. The electric vehicles need the re-charging station and the whole know-how tech guide will also be shown in this expo. Today, what makes Western Country look greener than India. It is the clean and clear environment. It is not that they do not have the rush-hours, there are, but managed with ease. The concept and transparency of maintaining the best optimum traffic system will also be discussed here with the expert from the world-wide related experts will have their presence in this Expo. The upcoming knowledge sharing and implementing Expo will be held at the Bombay Convention Centre dated from 20.11.2019 – 22-11-2019 This is the Asia's Largest Integrated Business to Business Expo on Smart and Safe Mobility with expected participants of approximately 7000 visitors, 150 national and international participants with  their traffic-transport and logistics related technology. It will update with the latest intelligent traffic management systems. The greatest benefit of these exhibitions provides a rare instances with all the major players and the decision makers, like governments, infrastructure developers, enforcement authorities and technology providers gathers at one common platform and discuss and guide about the authority level requirements and all this possible via Smart Mobility. To summarize the essence of the Expo that shall facilitate in the development of the Automobile Industry are, the Flexible platform for the electric 2/4 wheelers, , Traffic Technology that shall avoid long traffic congestions, sensor-based e-roads. This is the hour when the foundation of the future generation of automotive transition is happening in India, what is needed is to ensure the endurance of this technology in supporting the infrastructure. And that’s what this Expo is about. Do attend to Traffic know-how Tech and contribute your knowledge in making India a zero pollution Nation.