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The Pune Electric Work Shop 2019

The Pune Electric Work Shop 2019

Organizer :Azuko Technical Institute

Venue : 104, Castle Eleganza, Bhonde Colony, Erandwane, Pune 411004, Maharashtra

Contact Info :+91 75175 11022, +91 9689367007

City :Pune

Country :India

EUV – The Electrical Evolution Explained

The immediate closure of the schools in New Delhi is the first whistle blower regarding the pollution level in India and the urgency of the eco-friendly vehicles. Azuko Technical Institute, Mr. Ashok Kumar, CEO and Alumni - Indian Institute of Bombay (Now Mumbai), is organizing the workshop cum awareness about the concept of Electrical vehicles which is the key area of concern and an immediate challenge to the automotive industry. The two days informative and interactive session starts at 10am stating the need to switch towards non-polluting power generation fuel alternatives, here, and its electricity. Discussion shall proceeds highlighting the difference between the Electric and non-electric vehicles including the role plays of power and torque in the transmission of current. Torque’s play differs in terms of pace and time. The electric motor in EUVs releases a higher rotation, torquing the vehicle to reach the maximum speed within a certain time frame, time, if analyzed is less than what a non-electric driven would take. 

 The session breaks for an hour each day for the refreshment.  Sessions before the breaks briefs about the need of adhering to the best practices and the periodical maintenance requirement including the pros and cons of Lithium batteries. The potentials of lithium-ion battery are estimated to be sixteen lakhs miles, says Tesla on ET last month. The safeguard protocols are very important when it comes to batteries, as the Lithium charged cell has been the cause of many air disasters, the case of Delta Air Lines Flight No-4449. It was the Lithium battery explosion that caused it. There are many such incidences that need a proper knowledge when dealing in lithium. The next generation buyers of vehicles will have either exclusive preference for electric driver 2/4 wheeler or a combination of fuel-alternatives but electric as mandate. The transformation to the next gen has already started after the Korean automaker; Hyundai won the bid of supplying EUV to the Indian Government senior officials.  Subsequently the installation of the electric charging infrastructure is about to start in India, where the metro cities will have an additional option the charging fleet. The definition and working of the synchronous direct motors is explained in comparison with the induction motor with the installation and other aspects of the next generation automobile, the EUVs. Since, the Chief Executive Operating Officer of the event organizing company is an alumnus of IIT-Mumbai, session would be an interactive one and will be conceptual based, hence easy to absorb. Additional Azuko is a technical education institute in Pune, so the concept of physics cannot be delivered better than the event platform organizer and mentor.

Those who aspire to be in the list of the fastest EUV- Automakers in India, this is a must attend work shop.